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The Task of a Leader

If the first task of a leader is to name current reality, what is your current reality?

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God is sending you out to get the word out about the love we know in Jesus. What propels us to go into the world? You have everything you need. You are one of God’s beloved. Go share Christ’s love with the people in your community.  Read more

Disciples make disciples.

The church grows because people, followers of Christ, are living as disciples. When we live as disciples, relationships are central to a growing, vibrant faith. The content of disciples’ relationships is Jesus Christ. The context of disciples’ relationships is the local community. Together, relationships with Jesus, one another, and your community help people to grow as disciples and remain faithful disciples.  Read more

Being Like Mary in a Martha world may not be easy, but it is a choice we can make. Reflecting on Luke 10:38-42, I wonder if Mary and Martha would make the same choice if they knew what was just down the road for Jesus?
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If your ego is getting too big, go stand in Muir Woods National Monument with the world’s oldest and tallest redwood trees. When you stand in Muir Woods you feel small.

Really small.

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Confession: I doodle while other people are talking. Don’t deny it, you have done it, too. Several years ago, someone told me we learn more when our hands are busy creating something. It’s given me permission to doodle and to create while other people are talking. Honestly, I do listen better when I am creating something.

This week, when I found myself in a convention center ballroom with no table in front of me, I took up another task: creating images on my phone.

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Yesterday, Tim asked, “How do we get to the place where we walk by faith and not by sight?”

Allow me to offer a suggestion: deep spiritual change necessitates we learn to pivot.

Yes, pivot.

You thought I was going to say pray, worship, or be in a small group, didn’t you? All of these are necessary components of a grace-filled Christ follower’s life. If change is on the horizon (hint, hint: it is!) embracing the spiritual practices are not only necessary, they are essential to our daily and weekly rhythms.

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A Call to Release People for Incarnational Ministry

I think the church is stuck.

We are stuck in a model of church that is based on attracting people to programs. To complicate matters even more, we often hire staff to plan and implement ministry programs but fail to equip the whole people of God for the work of ministry.

Before you click away from this page because I’ve touched a nerve, please allow me to explain.

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We waved the palms.

We shouted “hosanna.”

Yet the headlines shout to us, alerting us to a reality too common.
Breaking news of terror.
Destructive bombs.
Innocent life lost.
Confusion and chaos; heroes; and fear-filled waiting.
Once again.
We pause. We pray. We wait.

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In “Leadership Challenge #1” we explored the challenges of church programs for missional leaders. In this second installment, we’ll briefly explore the challenge of assessing transformation.

Assessing Transformation

First, a question: Why are measurements in the church elusive?

You’ve likely completed many reports, participated in surveys, and been involved in conversations about the “numbers” and trends in the church.  None of these conversations begin to touch on measuring transformation.

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