Resources and Coaching for Christian Leaders in Changing Times

Show Me a Resource!

Do you ever struggle as a leader?

  • Do you ever feel anxious or doubtful?

  • Do you wonder where resources will come from?

  • Are you tired of thinking, "The same people do everything all the time."

  • Do you wonder, "What’s my role in this changing time?"

We’re here to help.

If you want to lead with clarity... people to follow Jesus... with confidence... your community... with courage... a movement... We’re here to help.

Leading in missional times is different

The local church remains the center of disciple-making movements.

But some things have changed.

More and more, Christian leaders are anxious as they search for time, money, and people to follow where God is leading.

Your search is not in vain. Look around you.

God is sending you to the mission field. It’s right outside your front door.

You want to lead people to follow Jesus. We’ll help navigate what you’re feeling – the anxiety, fear, doubts, and worry – in these changing times.

We’ve been there. Ministry is hard. AND the kingdom of God is waiting.

We’ll help you navigate your current reality so you can lead with courage, confidence, and clarity.

Now is your time to lead. But, we know you’re not just any leader.

You want to lead people to follow Jesus.

We’re here to be your guide. Together, we’ll lead a movement of Jesus followers.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to lead with courage... a movement... people to follow Jesus... We’re here to help.