31 Days of Prayer

Day 29

February 24, 2019

Prayer for Today:

     We give you thanks, O God, for all the leaders and delegates who have gathered in St. Louis.  At their best, they have been faithful in their witness to our Word. We give special thanks for your servants who have responded to your voice to serve and who have given their lives for the cause of love and justice.

     By your grace, give us what we need to respond with the depth of commitment, that will enable us and free us, to give of ourselves in full measure, even to the point of death.

     By your Holy Spirit guide and direct us, that we may feel the call to serve your people. Keep us strong so we do not tire of doing good in the face of wrong and evil. Use us as instruments of your peace so that we can continue to work for relationships all deeply rooted in you.

     Inspire our hearts, strengthen our wills, build up our resolve that we may become worthy of the heritage that has been given to us in the witness of the United Methodist Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

     As we give you thanks for all you have done in and through the people who helped make us who we are, we also thank you for all our colleagues: Amy, Chris, Roger, Mike, Karen, Dee, Curnell, Doug, Wade, Greg, Caleb, George, Phil, Kathy, Joy, Bill, Chris, Harris, Lyndsey, and Marilyn who are representing us at the General Conference.  Keep them focused upon our mission of “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of our communities, neighborhoods, and cities.” Amen.

31 Days of Prayer – Day 29 – Today we’re praying for the people who respond to God’s call to serve as we continue to focus on living into the mission of making disciples and transforming the world. #prayers #faith #jesus #umc #transformingmission #wesley #mission Transforming Mission

A Few Reminders

Thank you for participating in this 31-day prayer journey.  Our journey will include opportunities to read and reflect on the scriptures as we pray specifically for the special General Conference, for the leaders of our denomination, and for the delegates who have represented us.  As we pray together, we will become more who God has created us to be.

You can find the delegates from the West Ohio Conference here.  Let us pray for each of them every day. It will be through our prayers that they become more who God created them to be.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.