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Now that you’ve taken the IncredibleParent and IncredibleKids Assessment, you might be thinking, “I need help actually using this information.” We understand. It’s one thing to raise your awareness. It’s another to do something with the information. Here are a few ways we can help. Explore the one that’s right for you.


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by Brandon and Analyn Miller
A powerful book for any adult wanting to bring out the God-given gifts in their child. Based on the belief that every child has God-given greatness within them, they explore how you can help your child use their natural talents.

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Request an IncredibleParent Debrief

Unpack your super six parenting strengths and see how you can best leverage the super six talents of your parnter too. Then, explore how you can most effectively help nurture your child’s super six talents
35 Minutes – One Adult – $75
60 Minutes – Two Adults – $125

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Host a Workshop

We’ll come to you, walk through the IncredibleParents and IncredibleKids curriculum and help you bring out the incredible in families.

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