What’s ok and What’s Not ok

What’s OK:

  • It’s ok to use this and other resources from TransformingMission.org with your teams, groups, and local congregation. Discuss and learn!
  • It’s ok to share resources with your church leadership, provided you reference to TransformingMission.org on any materials you share electronically, in person, or in any other fashion.
  • It’s ok to link to resources on the TransformingMission.org website on your website/page or provide a link in printed materials.


What’s Not OK:

  • It is NOT ok to claim TransformingMisison.org resources and ideas as your own.
  • It is NOT ok to copy this resource without referencing TransformingMission.org
  • It’s NOT ok to copy materials from TransformingMission.org onto your website.
  • It’s NOT ok to use resources from TransformingMission.org for commercial use. You can’t sell it, sell workshops that you’ll facilitate based on it, or create a website/page redistributing our work.
  • It’s NOT ok to duplicate resources you’ve downloaded from TransformingMission.org without permission.


When in doubt, contact us at


Why do we include “What’s OK and What’s NOT OK?”

  • Being clear is kind.
  • Having our ideas copied and represented as your own work is neither kind nor Christian.
  • We share many free resources to assist you in leading and simply ask that you offer proper reference/credit. Because this is often overlooked, we want to be clear. We’re always happy to be in conversation about how we can help you.


Reach out at the above email address and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!


Read the full Terms of Use statement (It’s legalize…that’s another reason why we have “What’s ok & What’s NOT ok?”