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Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians

You’ll walk through each verse of the Book of Galatians in this study. Every day, will follow a simple pattern of Read, Reflect, Respond.

How do I access the study?


  • Access the study online! Click on the day you want to read and explore the prompt.


What’s the daily pattern?

The daily pattern follows this rhythm: read, reflect, respond. Here’s how that works:

Read the Scripture

Galatians 1:1-5

Each day, in this section you’ll find:

  • The daily Scripture readings. Click on the scripture reference to read it.
  • iPhone & Android users: Have the YouVersion app installed? Click on Galatians 1:1-5 and the app will automatically open.
  • Download the YouVersion app now.
  • Reading on your desktop or laptop computer? No problem! Click on Galatians 1:1-5 (or any Scripture on subsequent days) and a new window will open in your browser.


Each day, in this section you’ll find:

  • One – two sentences to describe the Scripture.
  • Questions to help you reflect on the Scripture passage. Plan to return to these questions for our celebration at the end of the day.


Each day, in this section you’ll find three primary sections

Follow Jesus

  • This is an invitation to respond to the text. This is why we call it Following Jesus Every Day. We invite you to live the Scripture each day.
  • Feel free to adapt what is offered to your personal circumstances. What do we mean? When homebound or sick, it may be difficult to respond in the ways suggested. Instead, use what you have. Adapt what is suggested by making a phone call, sending an email, reaching out on social media, and talking with the people who live with you. Or maybe you’ll be traveling…take it with you. Adapt as necessary.


  • We’ll include a written prayer each day.


In this section, you’ll find space to return at the end of the day to celebrate how you encountered Jesus that day.

  • We call it a celebration because every opportunity you have to reflect on where you experienced God’s presence in the day is an opportunity to celebrate.
  • Whether you do this reflection in the evening or the following morning, that’s your choice. What’s not an option is skipping it! Got it? Ok. Glad we have a deal!
  • Transformation happens in reflecting on what we’ve experienced.
  • Just making sure you read the above bullet. Transformation happens in reflection. We encourage you to grab a journal or download the weekly journal page from your Monday email. Take note of who, what, where, when, why, and/or how you responded to the Scripture today.
  • Share your reflections in the comments section of the daily post.

A Few Reminders

Starting & keeping new habits

  • New habits can be hard. But they don’t have to be!
  • Here’s a tip: tie your commitment to Following Jesus Every Day to something you already do.
    • Coffee drinkers: put a post-it near your coffee pot. As your coffee is brewing, read the Scripture for the day, then enjoy your morning coffee while reflecting and considering how you’ll respond.
    • Walkers/Runners: Put your journal near your shoes. Read before you go and reflect on your walk.
    • Work daily from 9 a.m-5 p.m.?: Put the journal pages in your lunch bag, engage with Following Jesus Every Day over lunch. Bonus: Invite a co-worker to join you. You’ll have an accountability partner and a fellow journey on the
    • Work from home: put a post-it on your computer monitor. Before the start of your day, or at a break, participate in Following Jesus Every Day
    • Brush your teeth every morning? (We hope so! ;)): Put a note on your mirror. After you brush your teeth, grab the email from the morning and read, reflect and respond.
    • Set an alarm clock: Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier. Make this the first thing you do each day. Or, put an alert on your calendar for every morning at a specific time.
    • The ideas are endless. We hope the above ideas get you thinking about how best to succeed in

Be kind to yourself

  • Will you miss days? You betcha! Don’t worry about it. Read the scripture passage from the previous day and jump into today’s readings. Above all, don’t beat yourself up. God loves you and wants to spend time with you.


You have three options to celebrate at the end of each day. Remember that pinky promise we made? Here’s where it comes into play! We look forward to hearing and celebrating how you’re following Jesus and encountering the love of Christ.

Here’s how to celebrate:

  1. Navigate to Login using the email you used to purchase the study. Navigate to the daily post on the website. Find the daily links here.
  2. Or, share your celebration with a small group
  3. Or, send an email to

Love yourself & others

Every morning, read and reflect on the daily post.

  • If you are on Gmail, drag the email from the promotions tab into your primary mailbox.
  • In the evening, celebrate your experience of following Jesus that day on the daily post.
    • Follow the link from your morning email to navigate to the daily page. Or,
    • Bookmark this page:
    • Login at the top, right of the page
    • Find the day and click to easily locate the daily post
  • In the evening, we invite you to celebrate your experience of following Jesus that
      • Respond to the questions.
      • Share how you responded.
      • Tell your stories.
      • Comment on others’ posts.
      • Encourage one another.
      • React: like, love, and wow until your heart is content.
    • Here’s what’s ok:
      • Responding to the daily question(s).
      • Sharing how you responded.
      • Telling your stories of encountering Jesus.
      • Commenting on others’ posts with care, compassion, and curiosity.
      • Asking thoughtful questions.
      • Encouraging one another.
      • Reacting: like, love, and wow until your heart is content.
  • Here’s what’s NOT ok:
  • negativity
  • comments that demean, degrade or divide
  • harassment or profanity
  • arguing
  • comments that fail to embody the spirit of loving God and loving your neighbor
  • If anything like the above happens, we’ll remove your comment and ask you privately not to make a comment like that again. A second offense, you will be blocked from the group.

Read Reflect Respond Celebrate Transforming Mission