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This is Part 2 of a two-part blog on Preparing for Mission: What is Mission?  As a Christ-centered leader, your primary purpose is to focus on the mission and to equip those you lead to do the same. In part one of PREPARING FOR MISSION: What is mission? We explored “mission Dei,” and what God’s […]

Living and Leading as a Christ Centered Leader Transforming Mission Blog

As a Jesus follower, you have been called and gifted to be a Christ-centered leader. You have a responsibility to live and lead as God has created you to live and lead. The question is, “What does it mean to live and lead as a Christ-centered leader? The Role of a Christ-Centered Leader Your first […]

Becoming a Missional Leader Blog Header Transforming Mission

Defining Leadership in Today’s World Who or what defines a leader? How do you understand the concept of leadership? I am discovering that most people assume that they know good leadership. Their understandings are based upon what they have seen or experienced. Sometimes their view is limited to a particular place, like the workplace, a […]

Leading Through Divisiveness Transforming Mission

May I state the obvious? We are living in a time of great division in our country, our communities, and even our churches. Whether it be political divisions caused by particular agendas or a cancel culture perpetuated by social media, there is a tension that leads to fear and a lack of trust.  There are […]

What does it mean to be a Christ centered Leader blog Transforming Mission

Have you ever considered yourself to be a missionary? Have you considered entering a different culture, developing relationships with the people, and sharing God’s love by serving and working with the people?  Whether you have considered it for yourself or not, you know people who have been called and gifted by God to share the […]

Christ Centered Missionary Transforming Mission

Who or what comes to mind when you hear the word “missionary”? Is it someone who leaves everything behind and enters a foreign cultural context to serve God? Is it someone who crosses cultural barriers to share the good news of Jesus? Is it someone who goes beyond their natural environment and into a new […]

When Leading is DIfficult Blog Header Transforming Mission

Have you ever had a member of your congregation approach you and say something like, “I’m not being fed”? Most of the time it comes out like this, “My family and I are leaving because we just aren’t getting what we need here. We are going to go to a church where we can get […]