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What A Legacy!

What happened to our study on Galatians? Is it over already? I must confess, I miss the daily readings and reflections. Over the past six weeks, I have reflected seriously on my life, my ministry as a leader in the church, and the legacy I am leaving behind. And when I say legacy, I am […]

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Three Essential Practices of Leaders

Some of you are stepping into new appointments in a few weeks. You will transition from one congregation to another, learn the names and lives of another group of Jesus followers, and develop life-long relationships which will bring meaning to your lives. Others of you will return to faith communities where you are investing your […]

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Searching the Scripture

Are you participating in Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians – Gospel of Grace daily reading plan? I am. My participation in this study is making a difference in the way I understand the scriptures. I am learning something each day. However, this study has been more formational than informational. The daily pattern of reading, reflecting, […]

Is It Worth My Life?

Over the past several weeks, I have been reflecting upon several things. From General Conference to Bible study to the Resurrection, I have been asking myself the question, “Is it worth my life?” Without exception, every congregation I visit, whether to worship or to introduce a new pastor, there is a question and conversation about […]