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WHY You Lead Matters

Who you are is how you lead.  And how you lead reveals why you lead.  I know that sounds obvious, but if you are not clear on why you lead the people entrusted to your care then those people will be unclear as well. If you are unclear, you will create unexpected problems for yourself.  […]


It Matters Where You Start

Leading through the COVID pandemic has been exhausting and emotionally draining. It seems that no matter what you say or how you lead, someone is unhappy and feels the need to make it known. Whether it be with wearing a mask or being vaccinated, it has been difficult to stay the course and be focused […]


3 Leadership Shifts for Today

The past year has offered each of us, as leaders, numerous learning opportunities. A variety of situations and circumstances have required changes in how we work and how we communicate with those entrusted to our care. The shifts are subtle but are necessary for becoming the leaders needed for this time. Whether it is remote […]


One Act of Leadership is Love

For some of you, it has been a while since I checked in with you. For others, this is my first opportunity to check in with you. How are you doing? How are you doing personally? How are you doing professionally? What do you need from me as you continue to lead into and through times […]


One Tool Every Leader Needs

Let me start this blog with an obvious statement. We are living in some uncertain times. Whether it be in the politics of our government, of our employment, or our church, we are living in a time that is crying out for leaders who are trustworthy, compassionate, stable, and hope-filled. As a leader, you have […]


Integrating Work and Play

What Happened to Play? Do you remember the days when you stayed outside all day to play? Whether it was riding your bike or swimming, playing hide and seek, kick the can, wiffle ball, or other games with neighborhood friends, there was plenty to do and not enough hours to get it all done. You […]

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One Thing You Can Do to Relax

What do you do to relax? When you disconnect from work, what helps refresh your mind, renew your spirit, and refocus your attitude?  Do you engage in certain relaxation exercises? Do you participate in specific activities? How do you relax? When I was asked that question recently, I thought of a long-time friend who says, […]