What’s OK and What’s NOT OK

  • It’s ok to share the sign-up link ​https://transformingmission.org/devotional​ with your friends, congregation, and community.
  • It’s ok to print the PDF and mail to individuals without internet or email access.
  • It’s ok to share the sign-up information on your social media. Please do! Downloadable images are available
  • It’s ok to link your website to the landing page for “God is with Us” https://transformingmission.org/devotional
  • It’s ok to use a devotion as the basis for a Facebook/IG/YouTube Live. Please acknowledge the writer when you do.
  • It’s NOT ok to edit the PDF in any way and then distribute it to others.
  • It’s NOT ok to claim the devotional as your own.
  • It’s NOT ok to copy the content and put it on your website, social media, etc.