Go Love the World with Transforming Mission

What Does Love Look Like with Skin on?

You may be the reminder of Christ’s love someone needs today.

As you run errands, check things off your weekend to-do list, head to work, enjoy your favorite sport, engage in the arts, and/or spend time with family, etc, consider what love might look like as you “do life.”

Then, go love the world, one person at a time.

Here are 10 suggestions to make that possible.

  1. Smile
    • It’s not that hard, but your smile is the most underutilized resource you carry around.
  2. Be kind.
    • Ask yourself if you think people are doing the best they can? If your answer is “No.” Consider why and explore what kindness may look like if they really are doing the best they can. 
  3. Set and maintain boundaries.
    • Yes, boundaries. The most generous people in the world have boundaries. Know what your boundaries are and stick to them.
  4. Send a note of encouragement.
    • You know, that thing that involves a postage stamp. (wink, wink.)
  5. Call instead of texting.
    • Pick up the phone. You can do it.
  6. Clean up after yourself without anyone asking
    • Umm, you can do this! We know adulting is sometimes hard. But, we’re confident you’ve got this!
  7. Do the chores your spouse usually does.
    • Bonus: Find out your spouses’ Love Language and do something that speaks to that love language.
  8. Volunteer at a local ministry
    • Serve a meal, care for kids, deliver furniture, restock a food pantry
  9. Appreciate a colleague at work for the talent they shared with others.
    • Bonus: Find out their strengths and celebrate them when you notice their talents being used.
  10. Listen
    • The most generous act of love you might offer to someone is a listening ear. Take five minutes and open your ears and heart to what someone else is saying.

Now, Unlock Your Superpowers

Sara put together this guide with five questions to help you take the next step so you can lead and love well.