You’ve Got This!

We know! Sometimes getting started is the hardest part.

Have you reached out to your leaders to invite them to meet with you? If not, now’s a great time to do that.

Here’s a sample email that may help you get started:

Hi there,

A quick invitation to join me on DAY, DATE at TIME in the ROOM NAME.

I need your help exploring 7 Missional Questions. We won’t be able to answer all seven questions when we’re together – some require us to get outside the church building! Actually, most require us to get outside the church building.

For now, will you check your calendar for the time above and let me know if you can join us? And – be thinking and praying about where you’re noticing God. More on that when we’re together.

As always, I am grateful for your leadership.

In Christ,

Your Name

Next Steps

Get a meeting time on the calendar is the first step.

Now, prepare to engage in conversation together. You’re on a journey that is taking you beyond the walls of the church into the local community.

You may find the following resources helpful as you take the next steps:

LeaderCast Episodes 

click the links to listen to Sara and Tim explore each topic.

Purpose and Presence  – set the foundation with these two questions.

Needs and Assets – bridge the needs and assets of your community

Relationships and Partnerships – leverage the people and connections of your community for kingdom impact

Integration and Overlap – sorting the seven questions for focus and clarity

How else can we help you explore and respond to the 7 Missional Questions?

Reach out and let us know!