CAS 2018 Church Conference Submission

Disciple-Making Pathway & 7 Missional Questions

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Please provide a progress report:

a. What progress have you made with the disciple-making pathway (e.g., H.O.P.E.) in the last year?

b. What you’ve adapted, changed, revised and/or strengthened in the last year? Why?

c. What spiritual growth has occurred for the pastor(s), leaders, and the congregation as a result of clarifying, sharing, and/or implementing a disciple-making pathway in the last year?

d. What do you expect to focus on in the coming year?

Respond to the 7 Missional Questions in the space below after conversation and prayer with leaders of the congregation:

  1. Where have you witnessed God’s presence in your community?
  2. What is the mission of the church?
  3. What is our mission field?
  4. What are the assets of our local community?
  5. What are the needs of our local community?
  6. What relationships exist with leaders in our community?
  7. What is one way we can collaborate with another church?

As a result of your prayerful conversation and exploration of the 7 Missional Questions with the leaders of the church, what is your next faithful step?

Download a file to explain the questions in greater detail.

Please address the following in the space below.

– What progress have you made with the 7 missional questions in the last year?

– What have you learned, experimented with, adapted, and/or improved as a result of exploring the 7 Missional questions?

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