31 Days of Prayer

Day 1

January 27, 2019

Read Psalm 103:1-5

Today, let us give God praise for the opportunity to be in partnership with God and one another in and through The United Methodist Church.

Prayer for Today:

O God, you continually call us to yourself.  In preparation for General Conference, draw us by the power of your Holy Spirit into warm and binding relationships. Bring people into our lives who will help us faithfully follow you each and every day.  Enrich our lives with each person we meet and associate so that we may become who you created us to be. 

By your grace, make us aware of the world around us.  Make us sensitive to the needs in our communities and knowledgeable of the gifts you have given to provide for those needs.

We want to be instruments of your love and peace.  In preparation for General Conference, we offer ourselves to your disposal in the name of Jesus.  Amen

Day 1 of 31 days of prayer, we're praying to be faithful and thanking God for the opportunity to be in partnership with God and one another in and through the United Methodist Church. #prayer #umc #christian Transforming Mission

A Few Reminders

Thank you for participating in this 31-day prayer journey.  Our journey will include opportunities to read and reflect on the scriptures as we pray specifically for the special General Conference, for the leaders of our denomination, and for the delegates who have represented us.  As we pray together, we will become more who God has created us to be.

Below are the delegates from the West Ohio Conference.  Let us pray for each of them every day. It will be through our prayers that they become more who God created them to be.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Clergy Delegates

  • Amy Aspey
  • Roger Grace
  • Karen Cook
  • Deanna Stickley-Miner
  • Wade Giffin
  • Christopher Heckaman
  • Michael Slaughter
  • Curnell Graham
  • Douglas Damron
  • Greg Stover

Lay Delegates

  • Caleb Harper
  • Philip Moots
  • Joy Perry
  • Chris Steiner
  • Lyndsey Stearns
  • George Howard
  • Kathy Rohrs
  • Bill Brownson
  • Harris Tay
  • Marilyn Bridges