God is with Us a Daily Devotional for all God's people Navigating COVID-19

Overview of the Daily Rhythm

What’s the daily rhythm?

The daily pattern follows this rhythm: read, reflect, respond, remember. Here’s how that works:

Read the Scripture

Galatians 1:1-5

Each day, in this section you’ll find:

  • The daily Scripture readings. Click on the scripture reference to read it.
  • iPhone & Android users: Have the YouVersion app installed? Click on Galatians 1:1-5 and the app will automatically open.
  • Download the YouVersion app now.
  • Reading on your desktop or laptop computer? No problem! Click on Galatians 1:1-5 (or any Scripture on subsequent days) and a new window will open in your browser.


Each day, in this section you’ll find:

  • A written devotional to help you reflect on God’s presence.


  • We’ll include a written prayer each day.


In this section, you’ll find space to return at the end of the day to celebrate how you encountered Jesus that day.

  • We call it remember because in this season, remembering God’s presence is essential.
  • This is probably the most important part of the daily devotion.
  • Whether you “remember” in the evening or the following morning, that’s your choice. What’s not an option is skipping it! Got it? Ok. Glad we have a deal!
  • Transformation happens in reflecting on what we’ve experienced.
  • Just making sure you read the above bullet. Transformation happens in reflection. We encourage you to grab a journal or comment on the daily post to share with others how you’re seeing God with you during this season.
    • Take note of who, what, where, when, why, and/or how you responded to the Scripture today.
    • Share your reflections
      • In comments section of the daily post
      • On the Transforming Mission Facebook Page
      • Inside the Following Jesus Every Day Private Facebook Group
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