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Why listen?

  • You’ll get insights and resources to lead a movement of Jesus followers. We’ll cover topics that trip you up, hold you back, and guide you forward…all so you can lead a movement of Jesus followers.

How do I access it?

What does it cost?

  • Oh, podcast newbie, you just gave yourself away.
  • No fee for the podcast.
  • But, if you’re a Jesus follower, it costs you all you’ve got.

How long will each episode be?

  • Long enough for you to take a walk or a run.
  • Long enough to be your companion on a drive across town.
  • Long enough that you’re invited into a conversation and have something to talk about with people that matter to you.
  • Ok, ok. Each episode is about 30 minutes…give or take a few minutes.

How often will it take place?

  • Well now, aren’t you the planner?! Our desire is to share weekly content. We may occasionally take a week off, because

What’s it about?

  • Hint: See “why listen”
  • Hint 2: the first six episodes include a parable, a reflection (maybe a rant, too ;), and a lot of HOPE.
  • Hint 3: Listen and find out.

Who’s doing this?

  • Tim Bias and Sara Thomas with guests along the way.

What’s a podcast?