God is with Us a Daily Devotional for all God's people Navigating COVID-19

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  • You already know, we’re living in a rapidly changing time.
  • We plan to begin the daily devotional on Sunday, March 22. We will make the first 7-day PDF available shortly thereafter.
  • Please remain flexible as we do our best to facilitate the daily devotional in a timely, efficient manner.

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Tim Bias and Sara Thomas are writing posts several times each week to help pastors and church leaders navigate this season.

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Episodes 55 – 61 are about rumbling with vulnerability and naming emotions.

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A PDF Is Coming Soon! We’re working on a way to provide a pdf with 7 daily devotionals. It will be included in the email sent to everyone. That way, whoever wants to print/copy and mail it to folks without tech can do so. It will not be dated for ease of distribution.

Email us at connect@transformingmission.org and we’ll be happy to help!