A Podcast Series for Lent and Easter

resurrection choices transforming mission

Ep 317: Resurrection Choices

The resurrection can only be understood in light of the journey from the table on Maundy Thursday, to the cross on Good Friday, the silence of Saturday. The empty tomb and resurrection of Jesus is the message of new life and hope, even when all seems lost. Ultimately, the resurrection invites us to be people of hope who find new life amidst life’s challenges.

Episode-316-A-Week-of-CHoices Holy Week Transforming Mission

Ep 316: A Week of Choices

The podcast takes on a different form this week for Holy Week. We’re guiding listeners through a scriptural journey for each day of Holy Week. This episode features daily scripture readings from the Gospel of John, accompanied by thoughtful prayers for Monday – Sunday of Holy Week.

Ep 315: The Choice to Stand with Hope

As Christ-centered leaders preparing for Palm Sunday, stand with hope amidst the tension building as we look forward to Holy Week. Join us to examine Mark 11 as you continue to lead with faith and hope.

The Choice to Follow Jesus Transforming Mission

Ep 314: The Choice to Follow Jesus

“The Choice to Follow Jesus” looks at John 12 and the invitation to embrace the call to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. Take the time to ponder the depth of discipleship and the transformative power of faith in your own journey.

Episode 313 Perceptions that shape Your choices Transforming Mission

Ep 313: Perceptions that Shape Your Choices

“Perceptions that Shape Your Choices” looks at John 3:14-21 to consider how leadership is more than a position of power; it’s a series of deliberate choices that reflect your character and influence.

THe Choice of Transformation John 2 Transforming Mission

Ep 312: The Choice of Transformation

“The Choice of Transformation” looks at John 2:13-22. Join us for a conversation reflecting on Jesus’ disruptive actions in the temple, the role of emotion in leadership, and the importance of discerning when religiosity takes precedence so you can counter it by leading people in the movement of God.

Ep 311: The Choice to Embrace the Cost

“The Choice to Embrace the Cost,” invites you to explore a challenging passage from the Gospel of Mark, specifically Mark 8:31-34. This passage confronts us with the cost of discipleship and challenges us to reflect on the true meaning of following Jesus. What does God make possible when we choose to embrace the cost of love? 

Ep 310: The Ultimate Choice

The journey of Lent is here. Drawing from the gospel passage in Mark 1:9-15, we’re looking at the theme of choices and how they shape our leadership. Join us as we reflect on the choices of Jesus and how they can inspire us to lead with purpose and authenticity.

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