Explore Your Mission: Following Jesus

Preparing for Mission Hospitality is a lifestyle Transforming Mission

As a Christ-centered leader, you have the opportunity to invite people to learn of Jesus and to immerse them in God’s love in such a way they too will love others.  The movement of God’s grace and the mission of God’s love is made real in and through your relationships as you interact with the […]

PReparing for Mission Hospitality is a Lifestyle Transforming Mission

There is an opportunity for hospitality every time your church gathers. A diversity of people gathers to worship together, learn, and grow together, as they become related to one another centered upon Jesus.  As a congregation, you have the opportunity to offer a home and family to people who, at that moment and for all […]

Preparing for Mission Building on HOPE Transforming Mission

As a Christ-centered leader, your primary purpose is to focus on God’s mission and to equip those whom you lead to do the same.  So, as a reminder, it is not your mission, and it is not your church’s mission. It is God’s mission. It is important that you start with the knowledge and understanding […]

PReparing for Mission Making Jesus Your Priority Transforming Mission

When preparing for mission, begin by learning about “missio Dei,” the mission of God. As you listen and learn, set your focus on the love of God you have experienced in and through Jesus.  Part of your preparation is helping individuals know that they are “beloved children of God,” and that God has something special […]

Answering Gods Call Transforming Mission

How do you describe your call to ministry? Usually, a call to ministry involves a deep sense of the presence of God. It is related to an event or experience of deep spiritual conviction. Sometimes a call to ministry is related to a particular vocation. It is articulated as a “calling.” We have made professional […]