parables of the lost sheep and lost coin transforming mission

2018 Local Pastor’s School

Resources from Presentation

Handout – PDF

Presentation Slide Deck (videos show as still images, see below for links)

HOPE – one page summary

7 Questions Worksheets – this will ask you to enter your email and deliver the file via email 🙂

Prayer Walk – Step by step guide

Mission Insite – How to register and access info


Michael Jr. – Amazing Grace

Simon Sinek – Ted Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”

Offer HOPE

Say No to Voldemort Effect

What Holds Us Back? Closing Video

Books We Mentioned

Social Media – to stay updated on available resources

Transforming Mission LeaderCast Podcast

LeaderCast: A weekly podcast with insights and resources for you to lead a movement of Jesus followers.



Episode 002 – Hospitality: Responding to God’s Embrace

Episode 003 – Offering Christ: Uncovering God’s Grace

Episode 004 – Practices: Growing in Grace

Episode 005 – Engagement:Sharing God’s Love in Service

The Seven Questions

Episode 007: Setting the Foundation with Purpose and Presence

Episode 008: Bridging the Needs and Assets of Your Mission Field

Episode 009: Leveraging Relationships and Partnerships for Kingdom Impact

Episode 011: Sorting the 7 Questions

Blog Posts of Interest

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Teaching people to become aware of God’s presence

Praying through Luke – a 7 part series. More coming soon!

If you’re looking for other resources, please email Sara. We have many other resources that we’d be happy to share with you.

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