31 Days of Prayer

Day 5

January 31, 2019

Read Psalm 51:1-3, 6-7, 10-13

Today, let us remember that God’s grace moves us from focusing upon ourselves to focusing upon the holiness of God.

Prayer for Today:

O Lord, our God, you have chosen to live not only in heaven on high, but on earth with us; not only to be exalted and mighty, but lowly and poor; not only to reign but to live and to die for our salvation.

In your own dear Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, you have given us no less than yourself so that we may belong to you once and for all. Your gift is offered to us even though we do not deserve it. What else can we do but rejoice in wonder, be thankful, and build on what you have done for us?

On this day, we pray that this might come true in each of us. We pray that we and the leaders of our church become true grace-filled Christ followers who put faith into action.  Amen

God’s grace moves us from focusing upon ourselves to focusing upon the holiness of God. Receive the prayers that follow as an opportunity to receive God's grace. #grace #prayers #umc #transformingmission Transforming Mission

A Few Reminders

Thank you for participating in this 31-day prayer journey.  Our journey will include opportunities to read and reflect on the scriptures as we pray specifically for the special General Conference, for the leaders of our denomination, and for the delegates who have represented us.  As we pray together, we will become more who God has created us to be.

Below are the delegates from the West Ohio Conference.  Let us pray for each of them every day. It will be through our prayers that they become more who God created them to be.

Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Clergy Delegates

  • Amy Aspey
  • Roger Grace
  • Karen Cook
  • Deanna Stickley-Miner
  • Wade Giffin
  • Christopher Heckaman
  • Michael Slaughter
  • Curnell Graham
  • Douglas Damron
  • Greg Stover

Lay Delegates

  • Caleb Harper
  • Philip Moots
  • Joy Perry
  • Chris Steiner
  • Lyndsey Stearns
  • George Howard
  • Kathy Rohrs
  • Bill Brownson
  • Harris Tay
  • Marilyn Bridges