Coming in 2022…

What’s Next?

A Workshop for Pastors and Church Leaders

Churches are trying to navigate the next season of ministry.

With an urgency to focus on discipling others, we’re hearing questions like:

  • What does being the church look like in a hybrid world?
  • How do we navigate the divisions in our community (church and local community)?
  • What does discipleship look like when we realize we have a congregation of consumers?
  • What does an increasingly aging congregation have to offer when their energy and abilities are depleted?
  • What will happen with General Conference? 

Add, gone are the days of 3, 5, or 10-year strategic plans.

And still, more questions emerge:

  • How do you stay adaptable AND focused?
  • How do you stay present AND future-focused?
  • How can you lead AND innovate?

It all comes down to clarity.  

Each one of these questions is about clarity around the identity and focus of the church.

While the mechanisms and tactics we use may adapt, it’s past time to get clear about what you value as a congregation.


  • Pastors and lay leadership can clearly and consistently communicate the values or priorities of the church.
  • Pastor and lay leadership can name desired disciple-making behaviors and practices for the congregation.
  • Participants will have a process for getting congregational buy-in.
  • You’ll understand who you are is how you lead.
  • Encouragement for the next phase of ministry together.

Requirement: Pastor, Staff (if applicable), and Leadership must participate together.

Cost: TBD.

Living as Easter People…again

A Soul-Tending and Learning Retreat for Pastors

The weight of leadership can feel heavy, draining, tiring, isolating, and irritating. Some days, it feels like every decision you make results in another conversation being needed or someone else wanting or needing something from you. 

There are also holy moments filled with joy. 

We pray those are abundant and multiplying. 

Whatever you’re experiencing in ministry, you’ve been giving your all. 

And it’s (past) time to experience a time to nurture YOUR soul and put fuel in your tank for the next season of ministry.

Join us for “Living as Easter People,” a retreat for Pastors.

How will we spend our time together?

In worship, prayer, reflection, learning, and conversation.


  • Your soul nurtured from a time of worship and prayer
  • Your heart and mind are nurtured from a time of learning.
  • Your strength is renewed from leaving behind the things that are holding you back and picking up skills you need to lead with a resilient, faithful spirit. 

Cost: TBD