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Below are the Modules associated with Bible Study I.

Please note: Modules that appear in blue are currently accessible. This is a four week study. Module 1 is available immediately. Module 2 will be available in one week. Module 3 is available in two weeks, etc.


Bible Study I
Four week study
Module 1Isaiah 43:14-24
Read, study, and explore Isaiah 43:14-24.
Unit 1Isaiah 43 Bible Study
Unit 2Isaiah 43:14-24 Explore
Unit 3Isaiah 43:14-24 Discussion Questions
Unit 4Isaiah 43:14-24 Prayer
Module 2Acts 2:42 Part 1
Part 1 of Acts Bible Study
Unit 1Read Acts 2:24
Unit 2Explore Acts 2:42
Unit 3Discussion Questions Acts 2:42
Unit 4Prayer Acts 2:42
Unit 5Further Discussion Acts 2:42