Courageous Christian Leaders.

Starting in January, 2021

I’ve participated in many leadership development training sessions, including my DMin in Missional Leadership.

Dare to Lead is by far the most helpful, resourceful, and life-changing leadership experience I’ve done…and you can experience that too.

Before the pandemics of 2020 hit, we needed brave, courageous leaders to guide the church and her people toward transformation.

But here’s the reality: transformation can be scary. If you’ve heard, “what if”, “But…” “How will we…?” “I’m not sure…” you already know that transformation brings challenges.

As a leader, you have the opportunity to help people recognize courage and fear are not mutually exclusive. Most of us feel brave and afraid all day long at the exact same time.

And, you’ve likely experienced that a great deal more than you wanted to in this year!

During our really tough moments, when we’re pulled between our fear and our call to courage, we need shared language.

We need tools.

We need skills.

We need daily practices that can support us through these difficult rumbles.

The goal of our Dare to Lead training is to create a place where we can learn (and unlearn) from each other. I look forward to being in this space with you.

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