6 Skills You Need for this Season

Over the course of the next five days, you’ll see a daily post with a devotion helping you explore the role of empathy in this time. It follows a similar pattern to the “God is with Us” devotional.

You won’t get a daily email. Simply know the devotional is here waiting for you for the next six days. Instead of a written devotional, this is a video devotional. The scripture, prayer, and questions for reflection are listed below.

Today, let’s get started with the first skill needed to practice empathy: perspective-taking.

Perspective Taking

Read John 8:1-11


What emotions might Jesus experience at this moment? What emotions might the Scribes and Pharisees experience at this moment? Use the “List of Core Emotions” to help guide you. (see link below)


This week, practice empathy. 


Lord Jesus, thank you for giving me the capacity to feel. Sometimes my emotions are hard, perplexing, and downright exhausting. At other times, my emotions are beautiful, life-giving, and uplifting. But, most of the time, I feel like I’m living somewhere in between. Thank you for the emotions that remind us we’re human beings, not human doings. Thank you for the spectrum of emotions that rush through my soul, Lord. Thank you for giving each one of us the capacity to feel. Amen.


Tonight, after 8 p.m. join us on the Transforming Mission Facebook page to respond to the following question (or feel free to comment below).

What emotions did you experience today? Note what you felt, who you were with, and what was happening. Then give God thanks for what you felt today. Be reminded that YOU are one of God’s beloved children.

Download a list of core emotions

These devotions come from a resource, “It Takes Courage.”

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