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“So how can they call on someone they don’t have faith in? And how can they have faith in someone they haven’t heard of? And how can they hear without a preacher?” – Romans 10:14-15

What does it mean to start a new year as a preacher with new resolve, new hope, and new vision? If I may be so bold to offer a piece of advice at the beginning of the year.

Preach like you know they almost didn’t come.

The trend seems to be that our most committed people are attending worship less frequently. Yet, if we look carefully, we will see many who could have chosen to be elsewhere. Yet, they came back early from a meeting or vacation. There are others who are so sad or lonely or distraught that the emotional toll of coming to church is huge. Don’t take them for granted. The preaching task is too important. There is never a good excuse not to handle the proclamation of God’s word with great thought, preparation, and integrity.

Welcome One Another

Since I’m handing out advice, what does it mean to start a new year as a leader or member of a church, a congregation, a community of faith with new resolve, new hope, and new vision? Welcome one other, in the same way that Christ has welcomed you. All for God’s glory.

For too long we have told ourselves that we must walk the walk. I’ll let my life be my witness. I have learned that is a cop-out. It is only a half-truth. It’s not enough to walk the walk. Someone has to talk the talk.

What would happen if you and I began to take the opportunity to tell our God stories? Our stories include encounters with God that shape us to be followers of Jesus. And, our stories are still being formed. Where are you waking up to God’s presence? Right here. Right now. Where do you see God at work? As I said last week, it’s time to wake-up.

The journey of waking up to God’s presence is for everyone – whether you’re a long-time committed follower of Jesus or trying to figure out who Jesus is. After all, how can we welcome one another if we’re not even aware God is with us? As we share our stories of God’s presence, we create space for others to join in what God is already doing.

Offering Christ

Do you know your God story is not just for you? Your story has the power to open others to the presence of Christ. What would happen if we led persons to commit their lives to God as they became part of the fellowship? What would happen if we took John Wesley seriously and began to “Offer them Christ” as we developed relationships and talked about what was deeply meaningful us?

Prayer for the Day

O God, give me the words that give witness to your Word in my living and in my speaking. Amen.

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  1. Tracy L Taylor
    Tracy L Taylor says:

    God is leading us all to share our own story with those who do not know Jesus. Who else will tell them except those of us that have a story to share about how God has worked in our own life! Sharing my story for my first sermon with New Harmony and encouraging them to develop their own story about how Jesus has been a part of their lives. The Holy Spirit is alive and working through us to bring others into the body. Share your story everyone! There is much to hope for with Christ in your life!

  2. Isaac Ogetii
    Isaac Ogetii says:

    Dear Blessed and Precious Servants of the Most High God,

    Much warmest greetings in the saving name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Hoping and trusting that by God’s Divine grace in Jesus you are doing fine in His ministry over there! We are a young Christian fellowship from Kenya which meets in a temporal church structure for prayers and worship services every Sunday! We have visited your ministry website and we are glad to pass our gratitude for your true and Divine teachings! We would like to humbly extend this request to your heart that if there be some more available teachings of of your ministry, you kindly help us with them in the grace of God. Indeed they are so inspirational.

    Thank you friends and may you keep on the good work for God and His people around the world in Jesus lovely name, amen! We thank God for helping you to share your teachings and ministry contact freely with us through your website for His glory! We are faithfully praying hoping for God’s will to be done for you and us that by His grace you may come as far as unto us in the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and lay us the Divine foundation truth such as you believe, teach and do according to His Divine and perfect truth(the HOLY BIBLE) to His own glory and honor! We hope your coming will be a great blessing to us and our community at large! Kindly appreciate to impact lives for the course of Christ!

    We hope God will help us according to His riches in glory by Jesus as you agree to share and further His Divine kingdom with us here on His earth! We are remaining praying more so desiring day by day to see you face to face and hoping God has great things in store for you and us as you agree with us in prayers and that God’s kingdom will be revealed and established here among us as we hope it is with you over there as you agree to share and further it with us here on His earth to His glory in Jesus name, amen! We hope God will do great things according to His Divine will, purpose and direction in Jesus as you agree with us in the wonderful faith of Jesus! We will be glad if for God’s glory our prayer requests be granted in Jesus name, amen! Remaining praying in faith hoping to hear from you in Jesus name!
    Yours in God’s Grace,

    Brother Isaac.


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