6 Skills You Need for this Season

Over the course of five days, you’ll see a daily post with a devotion helping you explore the role of empathy at this time. It follows a similar pattern to the “God is with Us” devotional.

You won’t get a daily email. Simply know the devotional is here waiting for you for the next six days. Instead of a written devotional, this is a video devotional. The scripture, prayer, and questions for reflection are listed below.

Today, let’s explore the third skill needed to practice empathy: recognizing emotion. Scroll down if you missed either of the first two skills.

Skill 3: Recognizing Emotions


John 8:21-30


Consider a moment when you were misunderstood. What did you feel at that moment? Were you hurt, embarrassed, frustrated, disappointed, or something else? Reference the list of core emotions (found in the downloads section) to push beyond the three emotions, “sad, mad, glad” that most of us can identify.


Seek today to understand the emotions of someone important to you. Practice communicating your understanding of their feelings. Remember to focus on connecting with the emotion, not the experience, to practice empathy. 

Also, keep in mind whether you’re slipping into trying to feel for the person that is important to you. That’s sympathy, not empathy. Keep practicing, even when you don’t get it right. That’s how we learn.


Lord Jesus, thank you for meeting me where I am. Guide me today as I seek to be a person of empathy. Remind me when I get it wrong, that you’re there helping me to rise again and try again. Thank you for your patient love, Lord. I’m humbled. Amen.


Tonight, after 8 p.m. join us on the Transforming Mission Facebook page to respond to the following question (or feel free to comment below).

What did you do well today in seeking to understand the emotions of someone important to you? What was an empathetic miss? Remember to try again tomorrow!

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Download a list of core emotions

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