Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O living and loving God, who in the winter of the year is able to make it summer in our hearts,  we pray that we may enter into the life of faith and love that was taught to us by your Son Jesus.

Help us to turn

…from all earthly idols,

…from confidence in our money and what it can buy,

…from pride in our positions and what they may mean to others,

…from trust in good health and its continuance,

…from addiction to pleasure and self-indulgence and sin,

and to walk humbly in your gracious Spirit.

Give us clear thinking and soft hearts, so that we will be able to see life from an eternal perspective.

Let us, like the disciples of the scriptures, leave all in order to find everything. Show us the joy in serving others: the poor, who are always in need; the hungry, who never know comfort; the sick, who can take no pleasure in life; the untutored, who cannot read your Word; the unredeemed, who have not received you as Lord.

Grant your peace to all of these, and to us as we mature in knowing and following your plan and purpose in life, which has been made known in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  Amen