Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O  Lord, teach us to pray. Help us to come before you in quietness and sincerity, and shutting out the world around us, become so immersed in your spirit that you are for us the supreme reality.

Help us lay hold of the power that moves mountains, or more important, let that power lay hold of us,       that our lives may be completely surrendered to you. Then show us how to put our arms around the poor and hungry of the world, and to plead their case before you until the very doors of heaven open to their poverty and neglect.

Teach us how to seek for those ravaged by disease or loss of health, those afflicted by nervous or chemical disorders, and those troubled in mind and spirit.

Help us to know how to pray for our leaders, and all who make far-reaching decisions in the social and political world, that they may be wholesome and godly in their hearts, wise in their thinking, and compassionate in their duty.

Help us keep in mind the millions of people who live as prisoners or refugees or street-dwellers, without any chance at the ordinary life we take for granted.

Instruct us on how to pray for addicts, for criminals and terrorists, for pimps and prostitutes and pornographers.

Aid us in supporting with our prayers the teachers, ministers, missionaries, social workers, legal assistants, and others who envision a better world for all and labor to give it birth.

Direct us in praying for peace and justice among the nations, so that we may care more for your kingdom than for our own status or welfare.

Let your spirit, that was in Christ Jesus our Lord, be in us, forming us to pray and offering in us the prayers that are acceptable to you, O God, our hope and our redeemer, to whom be glory forever and ever.  Amen