Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O God, who created the heavens and earth, the moon and the stars, the oceans and the mountains, the rivers and the valleys, we are creators too: we have created poverty and pollution, starvation and crime, squalor and injustice.  We have created fear and prejudice, suspicion and greed, dishonesty and war.

Forgive us, we pray, as we enter another year.  Restore to us hope, trust, and compassion.  Let mercy run down like a mountain stream and grace like a waterfall.

Teach us to walk again in trust, honesty, and commitment.  Let the security of your divine presence overcome the madness and horror of living in the fear we have created for ourselves.  Let Christ be exalted and your name be glorified both now and in all time to come, in and through our living.  We offer ourselves to you in the name of Jesus. Amen