Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O God, in the frozenness of the world around us, we are aware of our need for warmth and shelter.

We thank you for warm houses and offices and churches, for food and energy, and resources of transportation.

We lift our prayers for people in need: for families without fuel, for those whose homes are inadequate for winter climates, for children without enough warm clothing, for workers without jobs, for elderly people without proper food to eat, for all who suffer from the lack of the things we take for granted.

We confess the coldness of our spirits. We know that no matter how warm we are in the flesh we are not well off until our spirits too are warm. Teach us to care for our souls as we do our bodies.  Help us to put on the warm vest of prayer and meditation, to cover ourselves with study and reflection; to put on the coat of kindness and gentleness to others; to slip into the gloves of doing for others, and the boots of sharing what we have with love.

Warm our hearts and shelter us from the wind of despair and fortify us against the chill of loneliness. Remind us of the poor and those we neglect who are touched by coldness in other ways, especially the coldness of death. There is a numbness among those who have lost loved ones in recent days and weeks. We pray that you give them the warmth of your presence.  Let the soft mantle of your loving-kindness fall on them providing renewed circulation to their hopes and energies, and protecting them for the chill of distress and grief.

Create in us that sense of warmth and comfort that comes from being together in the Body of Christ and drawing strength and meaning from our relationship.

O God, it is hard to be alone in the cold; help us to be together with each other and with you, for you are our warmth and our well-being, our eternal provider, world without end.  Amen