Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O Lord our God, we come into your presence with the heartfelt request that you accept us as we are and love us into who you created us to be.  Give us no rest until we are willing to rest in you. Disturb our peace until your peace reigns in our hearts, our thoughts, conversations, and in our living together. We confess that without you we can do nothing; with you and in your service, we can do all things.

Be present and active in all parts of our living, working, and playing today. Be present throughout the city and our neighborhoods, among all its inhabitants. May your presence be experienced everywhere your people suffer and struggle for your peace.

Be with the sick and dying, all who are destitute, oppressed or have gone astray. Be with all our world leaders, who make and mold public opinion who hold in their hands the means of power in our country as well as all other nations.

Pour out your love to oppose hatred, reason to oppose the unreasonable. Pour out your justice that it might flow, not trickle, but flow to oppose injustice! You know better than we what is best for us and the world ultimately destined for your glory.

So, we place ourselves and everything into your hands so that each of us, in this place, and on the path of life, will calmly, truly, and confidently hope in you. We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ.  Amen.