Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O Spirit of the living God, fall fresh on us.  Let the peace and stillness of your eternal kingdom,  so different from the warring madness of the world, enable us to feel a deep sense of worship.  Speak to our hearts of the things that matter most: of eternal unity with Christ, of loving relationships with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors,  strangers, enemies; of caring for the good of others and the earth; of living creatively, sensitively, and joyfully.

Help us to commit ourselves to causes that are substantial and everlasting, and that will be productive for all generations.  Save us from boastfulness, from wrong behavior, and from false allegiances.  Restore those who grieve and those who suffer from illness, rejection, or brokenness of any kind. Reveal to us and in us your plan for caring for your people in our neighborhoods as well as around the world.

As the gentle streams find their beginning in the hills and then flow down to water the earth, let us discover our strength in you and then go out to bless the people and institutions beyond these walls.  Lead us to be more than a self-centered fellowship dwelling upon our own problems and desires.  Make us into the Church of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, that loses itself in obedience to your heavenly will.  Let the power that was upon your Son be given through us to all peoples, that your name may be glorified in all the earth for yours are the power and the glory forever and ever.  Amen