Parable of the Lost Son – Part 1

parable of the lost son transforming mission

This week we’ll be reading, reflecting, and responding to the Parable of the Lost Son found in Luke 15:11-31. Part 1 focuses on Luke 15:11-24.

Day 1         
The parable of the Lost Son – Luke 15:11-31 – Part One. Focus on Luke 15:11-24.

This Reflection on Reality challenges our assumption of who is good and who is bad, who is in and who is out, in relationship to God’s acceptance and offers an invitation to all people. It also challenges our understanding of what it means to be and do good and offers an alternative understanding of what it means to be good and on the inside.


Day 2

  • Read Luke 15:11-12
  • Reflect and respond: Have you ever demanded something that you decided was yours? Have you ever wished ill upon someone so you could get what you wanted?


Day 3

  • Read Luke 15:13-16.
  • Reflect and respond: Think of the far country in this way: a time/place when you were disillusioned with who you had become. Is there a time where you were disappointed with the world and said, “Is this all there is?”


Day 4

  • Read Luke 15:17-19
  • Reflect and respond: Today’s passage leads to change. The transformation he experiences moves him from “give me my inheritance” to “make me like one of your hired servants”. Repentance and returning are movements that bring us closer to Jesus and one another. To what or whom do you need to return?


Day 5

  • Read Luke 15:20
  • Reflect and respond: When have you experienced God’s compassion and/or forgiveness?


Day 6

  • Read Luke 15:21
  • Reflect and respond: How do you respond to God’s compassion?


Day 7

  • Read Luke 15:22-24
  • Reflect and respond: How do you feel when you know you are important to the people around you? What does it feel like to be celebrated?

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What Parable is Next?

We haven’t finished the Parable of the Lost Son. Continue to Part 2 as we focus on Luke 15:25-32

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