Some Trees Have a Second Life 

by Joseph T. Clark (CLM)


Matthew 22:35-40


One of my favorite leisure-time activities is woodcarving. I submit to you that trees have second lives after they are felled. Trees initially are living things providing shade for humans and animals looking for a place to rest. They provide fruit, nuts, and leaves for food, and safe places for birds to build their nests. Trees provide safe places for squirrels to protect themselves from predators, and nesting for the winter months. Humankind has enjoyed the many fruits and nuts of trees. 

Some trees have a second life. Living things die when they are separated from their life blood or veins for food and water. Trees, after they have been cut down, have useful and, sometimes glorious, second lives.  

The wood from trees, because of its unique properties, is and has been used for many centuries to serve humankind. Pine trees become building material for homes. Oak is used for the keels of sailing ships and Teakwood for the ships’ decks. Basswood is the most popular wood for artistic carving because of its fine grain and softwood nature. Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Mahogany are cut and carved into beautiful furniture. Many of the priceless artistic creations of the great cathedrals of the world are beautified by iconic wood carvings covered with gold leaf.

We, like trees, also can have a second and glorious life. God’s greatest commandment, simply put is: love God and love people. (Matt. 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-31, Luke 10:27) It’s that simple: even for sinners like me, we can experience heaven on earth. It is God’s greatest commandment and our formula for a good life in Jesus Christ!

The trees are beautiful this Spring. And, in many ways, the trees become more beautiful and glorious in their second life. By the same token, may “both your lives” in Christ be more beautiful and glorious.


Lord Jesus, thank you for the new life we find in you this Easter season. I praise you for the beauty around me. Guide me today to love you and love others. Amen. 


What did you experience today that brought “new life”?

Comment below or use a journal to record how God is with you each day of this journey.

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  1. Joe Clark
    Joe Clark says:

    Thank you for allowing me to express God’s spirit in me. I love having God use me for what ever His task may be. Thanks for your guidance and may God continue to bless you, Anna, and Tim.


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