It is the Lord!

by Rev. ‘Debo Onabanjo

“He said to them, “Cast the net to the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in because there were so many fish – John 21:6


John 21:1-14


This is a familiar passage from the post-resurrection narrative, of Jesus Christ appearing to the disciples by the Sea of Galilee. The disciples that Jesus had invested time and resources in for over three years became disillusioned because their normal lifestyle changed with the crucifixion of Jesus.  

Even after learning about His resurrection, led by Peter, some of the disciples chose to go back to their former life of fishing — forgetting that Jesus had called and commissioned them to fish for people (see Luke 5:10). 

Our normal ways of doing Church have been disrupted, but this is a fantastic opportunity to reach people for Jesus. It is easy to become disillusioned when faced with unexpected change, and it can no longer be business as usual. 

Some folks may be wondering where is Jesus in the midst of this raging Coronavirus pandemic?  We are the hands and feet of Jesus, commissioned to represent Him. If we are wondering where Jesus is, the question should start with us. 

This unique situation calls for us to be innovative and look for ways to spread the joy of the Lord to those around us.  

As we approach Easter with the likelihood that we may not be able to gather for in-public worship, let us not abandon our calling — but ask the Lord to show us how we can do incarnational ministry in this season. We must remind ourselves and those around us that truly the Lord has not abandoned us and God remains in control. After all, God promised, “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” [Matthew 28:20]. Let us be the Church where we are, starting from our homes.


Lord Jesus, it is tempting to stop representing you in this season and blame it on the closure of our churches.  Please remind us that we are the temple of the living God, and where two or three come together in your name, in their midst you will be.  Help us to be Jesus where you have placed us in this season so that we might be fruitful to your glory. This we ask in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, amen.


How will you let the promise of Jesus, to be with you always, inform your actions in this season? Who can you tell about Jesus today?

Comment below or use a journal to record how God is with you each day of this journey.

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