In Times Like These

By Rev. Ann Marie Carley and Shirley Hickman


2 Samuel 7:28 


I know we celebrated Easter not so long ago and I know we celebrated in ways that were vastly different than ever before, but I imagine we may be feeling some of the same things that those who were around that first Easter may have been feeling.

Maybe you’re still joyful because even though Easter looked different, you know that Jesus is still King! Maybe you’re feeling a bit of grief as you look at your calendar full of events you had hoped you would be doing. Maybe you’re questioning exactly how you’re supposed to continue on being the church in times like these. With permission from the author, Shirley Hickman, I’d like to share a poem with you.

In Times Like These

Lord, you said you’d be with us in times like these.

When life takes new direction with illness and disease.

When the unspeakable happens to ones we hold dear,

You reach out to hold us, your loving arms appear.

Lord, you said you’d be near us when dark clouds are there,

To strengthen and help us to make our way clear,

When the days are so weary and troubles abound,

Oh Lord we can sense you, your peace all around.

Lord, you said you’d be here and forsake not your own,

To be with us forever, your presence all known.

To comfort and lift us from dawn’s early light,

Through daytime and nighttime with your power and might.

Lord, you’ve given so much through family, Church and friends,

To gift us so richly with blessings on end.

Their prayers, oh so precious, their presence so fair,

We feel you so close in all of their care.

Oh, Jesus, our Great Physician, here in times such as these,

We’re so touched that you ache for our physical needs.

Providing dedicated servants in medicine always,

Bringing wholeness, compassion and hope for our days.

Oh Lord, as we continue life’s road as you guide,

May we always be steadfast with you at our side.

Thank you for being faithful with your love and Oh Please,

Do Grace us and Keep us In Times Like These.


Shirley wrote this poem during her son’s battle with cancer in the fall of 2018. However, the words are quite fitting for what we are all experiencing today because they are filled with the promises of God. What promises do you see in the words of this poem?


Lord, we thank you for being ever present, especially in times like these. We thank you for your son Jesus. His life, his death and his resurrection. May it be as much a reminder today as it was on Easter, that your power and glory are greater than anything of this world. In that precious name we pray, Amen.


As you looked for God’s promises in the words of the poem, you may have seen several promises. Maybe you saw the promise that God will never leave us, even in times like these when we may be questioning or grieving or angry. Maybe what stuck out to you was the promise that we will be blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit through those who, even at a distance, continue to love and care for us. Did you see the promise that Jesus continues to make all things new, even in times like these? As you searched, what promise did you find that you need to hold onto today? 

Comment below or use a journal to record how God is with you each day of this journey.

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