Of Cloud and Fire

by Kathy Jean Lynch  

“. . . He guided them during the day with a pillar of cloud and He provided light by night with a pillar of fire.” Exodus 13:21 (NLT)


Psalm 119:105


In November of 2012, I drove from Ft. Worth, Texas, to take my husband’s remains back to Ohio to be inurned at the Dayton National Memorial Gardens. I planned a stop in his hometown of French Lick, Indiana, for a memorial service with his family and friends there. 

My car does not have GPS, so I had bought one a while back (that was before GPS was on phones).  I made sure it was updated and ready, entered my destination of French Lick, and set off. Many times we had made this trip over the years using paper maps (remember those?), even though we seldom referred to our map unless we wanted to deviate a little to do some sight-seeing. 

But this time the focus was straight to French Lick. I had no intention of diverting, and things were true to what I remembered – until they weren’t. 

Where in the world was this crazy GPS taking me? A bit of panic rose up, but a small voice said, “Stay the course.” 

I was going through a very unfamiliar territory. It was beautiful and strangely peaceful, and I stayed the course. Suddenly I came out of the woods I was driving through and there lay before me – French Lick! 

A very different way than we had ever come before. You can imagine the sigh of relief! 

However, that day I learned a powerful lesson about trusting God. Even though it was not a pillar of cloud, I was guided by satellite thousands of miles above me. 

Then a light bulb went off  – “If I could put my trust in a man-made thing, how much more could I trust my heavenly Father to guide through His Spirit?” Surely if I could trust a man-made thing to get me a few hundred miles, I can trust God to get me through this life He has given me and designed for me. Was God with me then? Absolutely! Is God with me as I write this? Absolutely!

Where can you see your pillars of cloud and fire? They are everywhere!


Loving God, You guide us in so many ways. You send many signs, but we miss so many of them — especially the small, seemingly insignificant ones — all because we are searching for the big ones. Help us to stop, to breathe, to feel our heartbeat, to touch our skin, and know You are with us and long to show us THE way. Amen.


God is the light at your feet.  God may only light your next step, but fear not, take the step, and the Light (it is capitalized for a reason) will come on. 

When did you experience God’s light today?

Comment below or use a journal to record how God is with you each day of this journey.

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  1. Barbara P.
    Barbara P. says:

    I haven’t commented before although I read and pray with this site everyday. But, this reflection really spoke to me today. Trust in God. I needed to be reminded. Thanks.

    • Sara Thomas
      Sara Thomas says:

      Barbara, We’re glad you’re engaging with the devotional. Trusting God is such an important reminder…for all of us! Know you are being held before God in prayer.


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