Looking for Light

by Rev. Dr. Sara Thomas

“God saw how good the light was. God separated the light from the darkness.” -Genesis 1:4  


Genesis 1:1-5; John 1:3-5


The clock on the stove reads 7:32 a.m.

The morning is off and running. I’ve been up for over an hour but I have not paused to eat breakfast. Grabbing a blueberry muffin from the freezer, I turn around and am nearly blinded by the sunlight blazing through my family room window.

I pause in awe and wonder at the brightness of the sun as my fingers grow cold from holding my frozen blueberry muffin. I, too, stand frozen in place. My feet are planted, knees locked, eyes gazing out the window, watching as the sun rises over the treetops. The endless rays of light are dancing off every object in sight.

As I turn to get a drinking glass from the cupboard, the light dances again. Only this time the light is inside the cabinet. Colors ricochet off the inside of the cupboard and make my $0.99 Ikea glasses appear like fine crystal.

By 7:44 a.m. the sun begins to hide behind the clouds, yet I am still standing in the same place. 

Once again, light captures me and invites me to pause. 

I stand in awe of the rhythm of the sunrise for a few more moments, remembering the rhythm of the creation story where God sees the light as “good” and separates it from the darkness. God is preaching a message of light and goodness, and no words are necessary.

As I step out of the sunlit kitchen, I sit down in darkness at my kitchen table. The rays of sunshine I basked in for 12 short minutes are not falling here. 

At least, not yet.

Nevertheless, I’m once again choosing to follow the light. The light that shines in the darkness. Today, I’ll also be looking for reminders of what is good.

Will you? 

As you go about your day, look for the light of Christ in your surroundings, in what you watch on tv, in who you meet with on Zoom, in the people you live with, and even within yourself. Even if the world seems grey, may the light of Christ shine brightly in your life today.


Lord Jesus, thank you for being the light that shines in the darkness. Thank you for the simple reminders of what is good, right, and beautiful in this world. Guide me this day to follow your light and celebrate what is good. Amen.


Where did you see the light of Christ today?

Comment below or use a journal to record how God is with you each day of this journey.

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