Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O living and loving God, creator of all the universe, we thank you for the privilege of calling upon you and listening to you. Before you we are all equal.   You know the life, the thoughts, the ways, and hearts of each of us. You know our innermost secrets. No one is righteous in your sight.

Yet, you have not forgotten, nor rejected, nor condemned a single one of us. Rather, you love each of us. You know our needs and are ever willing to satisfy them. You look only upon the empty outstretched hands which you desire to fill to overflowing.

In the suffering and death of Jesus, your dear Son, you have taken our place, mercifully beyond comprehension. You have made our darkness and our misery your own. You have set us free to walk in your light as your children. You have given us an indescribable joy.

On this day, we ask that you pour out your Holy Spirit upon each one of us, that we may understand you, as well as ourselves and each other.

Thank you for this privilege of prayer.  Amen.