Galatians 3, Day 4

Galatians 3 Transforming Mission


Galatians 3:15-18

Paul offers a new argument for those seeking to sway the Galatians. He compares God’s covenantal promise spoken to Abraham to a human “last will and testament” that can’t be annulled by a third party. Note: this argument had a limited, temporary purpose for Paul.


God acts freely to give grace and blessing through promise, not through the Law. God’s freely promised grace is hindered when the Law comes between people. Where have rules divided instead of unified people?


Follow Jesus

Notice where rules are helpful today and where they inhibit actions, conversation, and even connection between people. Consider personal, congregational, community, and/or global examples.


Lord Jesus, I am grateful you are the heir to the promised inheritance. Time and history offer perspective to see the ways God has and continues to be at work through the generations. Thank you for the privilege of being one with you and my brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.


Today is a three-part celebration: 1) Where were rules helpful today? 2) Where did rules get in the way today? 3) Where did you encounter God’s grace today? Let’s try to celebrate three things today!

Use a notebook to record your responses. Share your celebrations in the comments below or in the Facebook group (You’ll find a link to request to join in your confirmation email. Not registered? Sign-up here.)


Galatians 3 PrayerTransforming Mission



Extra Thoughts

If you haven’t taken a moment to review the “Overview of Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians,” please do so. You’ll find a few tips that will help you start this journey.

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