Galatians 1, Day 1

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Galatians 1:1-5

Throughout this chapter, we hear Paul’s defense of the gospel. He seeks to prove that the Gospel and his apostleship come directly from Christ. Paul is not an isolated, renegade messenger. Paul is an apostle, a sent one. He is sent by God to share the message of Christ’s love.


If grace is the unmerited love of God, it is intended to be shared. Where is God sending you today to share God’s love? What challenges you about grace?


Follow Jesus

Embrace the love of God as you go about your daily activity.


Lord Jesus, thank you for using me to share your message of grace. Guide me on this journey to continue becoming who you created me to be. Amen.


In the evening, reflect on the following: Where did you experience God’s love today? Use a notebook to record your responses. Share your celebrations in the comments below.

Celebration Question Chapter 1, Day 1 Transforming Mission


Extra Thoughts

Today we begin a journey together. We are grateful for your desire to deepen your relationship with Christ. Know we are holding you in prayer as you begin. If you haven’t taken a moment to review the “Overview of Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians,” please do so. You’ll find a few tips that will help you start this journey.

On occasion throughout the daily reading plan, we’ll offer reflections, stories, and insights to help you engage. Today, we start with “Love Letters”

Love Letters

Today, I’m thinking about the last letter I wrote. The last letter I put in an envelope and placed a stamp in the corner was to a child, Sunday, I support in Africa.

Sunday's prayer Transforming Mission

For over 15 years, I’ve written back and forth to a school-aged girl in a small village in Africa. Sunday is the latest child to bless me. Her faithful words are a reminder of God’s goodness and grace.

When I receive Sunday’s letters, there is always a message that points to God’s love. Her most recent letter was no exception. As she shared about the drought in her community impacting the livestock, she celebrated God’s provision for her family. She celebrated learning in school. She praised God for a growing faith.

Today, though, I’m reflecting on the familiar refrain that begins each letter, “Praise God! I’m doing fine with my family and still in Christ.” I confess, I sometimes wonder, “Are there degrees or different forms of ‘doing fine’?” Nevertheless, wrapped in a standard envelope is a message of God’s love. In short, faithful sentences, Sunday writes love letters for God.

I do not know what the Galatian churches were thinking when they received Paul’s letter. But, two simple words, grace and peace, remind them they are loved by God. While the paper and delivery system have certainly changed, the Galatians also received a letter reminding them of God’s love.

Perhaps there is a letter I’ll write today to someone who needs that reminder. Maybe there’s a letter you can write, too. For now, my love letter comes in the form of a prayer echoing the words of Sunday, “Praise God! I’m doing fine with my family and still in Christ.”

That’s a love letter I’ll celebrate sending and receiving any day of the week!

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    • Sara Thomas
      Sara Thomas says:

      Tracy, you echoed my thoughts every time I read one of Sunday’s letters! Praying you continue to experience God’s love today and can say again tomorrow, “Praise God! I’m doing fine and still in Christ!”

  1. Duane Phlegar
    Duane Phlegar says:

    My start today is slow especially since, as a retiree, my activity away from home was limited. Helping a neighbor remove a bush was a way of serving and showing God’s love. Another way of showing love today was through running to help keep my body as a temple to God even though I am overweight. For today this program helps me keep focus on God.

  2. Roger Morr
    Roger Morr says:

    With the busy Lenten calendar I failed to be on the computer for four days. After prayer group this morning at church I finally got on the computer and realized I failed to do yesterdays lesson. I continue to thank God for my health and that I am honored to serve him and expand His territory!

    • Sara Thomas
      Sara Thomas says:

      Roger, you can’t fail here! 🙂 We suggest when you miss a day, simply read the Scripture from the previous day and jump into the current day. Glad you’re on this journey!

    MARIE SMITH says:

    This term has always intrigued me, yet I found great comfort in it. I remember the moment I knew I passed my ordination interviews, I sang, praise God from whom All blessings flow. It had been a rough interview. Yet, praise God in all moments, and praise God despite hardships is what I found to be most helpful. Well, at least on this still recovering moment! Blessings Marie

  4. Nikki Baker
    Nikki Baker says:

    As I experienced a pastoral move during the last part of the Lenten season, I’ve felt like I hopped onto a treadmill moving more quickly than I was. And while this Lenten season was particularly fast-paced, I had the opportunity to lead and participate in an amazing Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday in my new setting. Today, I can say, “Praise God! I’m doing fine and still in Christ!” The ways I have encountered God in the past three weeks have been through engaging disciples in this faith community and seeing how they work together to accomplish much. I’m feeling so welcomed here and look forward to stepping out in ministry and mission together! Thanks be to God!

    • Sara Thomas
      Sara Thomas says:

      Nikki, Praise God! Your comment had me saying, “THIS is what grace sounds like!” 🙂 Sounds like you’re offering yourself the grace ANY pastor needs moving during a season like Lent. AND seeing the grace-filled future that is ahead. Praise God for bringing you & the congregation together. Prayers abound for the days, weeks, and months ahead!


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