Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O Lord, our God, you have chosen to live not only in heaven on high, but on earth with us; not only to be exalted and mighty, but lowly and poor;  not only to reign, but to live and to die for our salvation.

In your own dear Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, you have given us no less than yourself so that we may belong to you once and for all. Your gift is offered to each of us even though not one of us deserves it.  What else can we do but rejoice in wonder, be thankful, and build on what you have done for us?

On this day, we pray that this might come true in each of us. We pray that we become true grace-filled Christ followers who put our faith into action.

As we sincerely and willingly prepare ourselves for worship, help us pray and sing, preach and listen. Let us become a true congregation of the Lord’s Supper as we hunger for communion with you. Let us become a congregation of loving service as we offer ourselves to be agents of your love.

O Lord, our God, we humbly come to you in preparation for worship. Amen