Transforming Mission 30 Days of Prayer Image

O creator God, we come before you today to thank you for children. We are grateful for their eagerness to learn. They are examples of your marvelous works.

Breathe into us the refreshment of your presence so that we might remember your joy and playfulness. Just as children are pliable and impressionable, make us pliable. Impress upon us your hope and peace so that we might creatively meet the future.

Knowing how much we need you, we humbly confess that too often we fall short of your intentions for us and our expectations of ourselves.

We want to touch the world with goodness, but often withdraw in anxiety and self-concern. We want to live with integrity and stand for truth, but we are torn with uncertainties. We want to warm the lives of others with love. But we hesitate, wondering if they will love us in return. We want to go about our daily tasks with confidence and joy. But we find ourselves struggling with self-doubt.

We need your presence, O God if we are to be what we could be and want to be. Help us to be totally in the moment. Keep our hearts pounding with your love and let new life surge through our living. Let our worship heal us, renew us, and strengthen us, so that we may know your joy and peace of being your children.   Amen