pastoral prayer

Pastoral Prayer

A Prayer for Palm Sunday

O living and loving God, who has known the clamor of a thousand Palm Sundays and the disappointment of a million crucifixions, we bow in your presence as those who have both affirmed and denied you, and ask your forgiveness. Give us your grace that we may learn to live in affirmation and not in denial. Let the Spirit that was in Christ Jesus be in us, that we may say, “Abba Father” and walk in your righteousness.

Deliver us from false values, from selfish desire and the worship of things, that we may not waste our lives on goals and objects with no eternal significance. Guard us this week from betraying you as Judas betrayed you. Guard us from betraying you for a promotion at the office or a quick thrill for attention or a cheap victory over an enemy. Lead us daily to the garden of prayer, that we may empty ourselves and know your will and have the courage to do it. Strengthen us for the betrayals and crucifixions we face, that we may triumph through faith and love, and that we may know within ourselves, our hearts and minds, the power of your resurrection.

Give health to the sick and wholeness to the broken.  Let grace overflow like a fountain in our lives, nurturing our affection for mercy and peace and goodness.  Guide us into ministries of hearing and responding to all your little ones, in the name of Christ.

We pray for all the lonely and hurting people we know; for all the elderly, all who work in the service of others, all who bear great responsibility, those who teach our children; the children themselves; our visitors, and their lives and loved ones in other places; those who occupy positions of authority and leadership in this church and in your church around the world. Let your Holy Spirit embrace us and bind us in a sense of peace and security as brothers and sisters.

Most of all, O God, we pray that you teach us to love one another. That we may become responsible participants in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ministry of love and reconciliation, today and all the days to come. We offer ourselves to you in this time of worship as we pray in the name of Jesus Christ who taught all his disciples to pray saying, “Our Father, who art in heaven….”