What is Our Response?

Violence transforming mission

Over the past year, I have written about unbelievable and unspeakable acts of violence that continue to unfold in our country and world. On Friday, another act of violence unfolded in one of our airports. This time we heard reports from Ft. Lauderdale.

As I reflect on these reports, there are too many to name: a few weeks ago, we were hearing reports of violence at the Ohio State University; at the end of the year we learned over 700 homicides occurred in the city of Chicago in 2016; and daily reports occur on the evening news of violence in our city. I pause once again,  finding myself asking the question,

“What is our response to violence?”

Perhaps there is a reminder within the following posts that will help us be the people God invites us to be. May you be reminded this day, “To stand firm in the Lord.”

A Response to Violence – Part 1

A Response to Violence – Part 2

A Response to Violence – Part 3

A Response to Violence – Part 4

A Response to Violence – Part 5


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