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Two Important Reminders About Leadership

Two Important Leadership Reminders Transforming Mission

This week, we’re looking back to look ahead.

Reflect momentarily on the people you’re leading and your leadership traits. What are you celebrating in ministry right now regarding your leadership? What areas are stretching you? Once you have a response to those two questions, below are three articles to review. Read all three or pick the one that will speak to your ministry and leadership in this seasons.

Here are two important reminders about leadership.

1. Remember the Golden Rule

First, the Golden Rule is familiar to many. Reflect on the Golden Rule in your ministry and leadership. When you consider, “do to others as you would have them do to you?” keep in mind God’s love and presence is already on the move in your life. Today, how we communicate and what we communicate are inextricably intertwined.

Read more and consider the Golden Rule of Leadership.

2. It Matters Where You Start

When Christ-centered leaders start with issues, preferences, and/or agendas, they’re by-passing what sets us apart as followers of Jesus. When leaders start with Jesus, you create an opportunity for open dialogue and discernment. The presence of the living God we know in Jesus is an essential element of your leadership.

Read more and be reminded that it matters where you start.

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