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Three Reminders for Christ-Centered Leaders

Important Reminders for Christ Centered Leaders

What’s important for Christ-centered leaders? Below are three reminders to know and act on as a leader. Read all three, or pick the one inviting you to act.

1. People are Important

People are important. Regardless of who a person is or what that person has done, regardless of whether a person agrees with me or even likes me, regardless of whether the person lives the life I want them to live, each and every person is loved by God.

2. There is Grace in Gratitude

If I could give one quality gift to you as a leader, I would give you the gift of gratitude. I have found gratitude to be the fundamental value of the Christian faith. It has the potential to transform your life, impact your relationships, and to change the world. If I could have God do anything for you, I would ask that God make you a grateful person.

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3. Words are Powerful

One of the most important things I have learned is that just as God’s Word became flesh in Jesus, God’s Word is real and alive in me. As I have grown deeper in my relationship with Jesus, I have learned that whether spoken or written, words are powerful.


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