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We’ve got a quick question for you…

What is standing in the way of your local church making new disciples and helping disciples grow?

Will you take 10 seconds and comment below? Select one of the options below and hit submit.  Like we said, 10 seconds!  Oh, and yeah, we’re all ears if you want to share your reasoning in the comments below.

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More Questions than Answers

Have you ever thought about the church having a vocation? Here’s your invitation to begin. Vocation is all about calling. So, what is the church’s calling? The church’s calling begins with understanding the nature of the church.

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How do we engage in missions? Below are three approaches to missional engagement. There are other ways to characterize these experiences. As you’ll soon see, sometimes one of these approaches is more prevalent than others.

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“What is going on underneath our feet?”

On January 21, 2016, Rob Bell shared an interview with Diana Butler Bass about her book, Grounded, on his weekly podcast. To say it caught my attention is an understatement.

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You have likely taken a Facebook quiz. They pop up on my timeline tempting me like candy in the check-out line of the grocery store. I’m asked to select a series of pictures to determine my personality. Or, I’m asked to rearrange the letters of my first and last name to determine my Star Wars […]

“What is mission?” Volumes have been written attempting to articulate what mission means. It can be easy to be confused with words like mission and missions. A simple “s” can change the focus.