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-updated 11.13.2019-

Emmanuel, God with us, is the message of Advent. Every day through Advent we invite you to practice noticing and naming God’s presence.

It is a simple, yet transformational practice we trust will multiply the hope you experience this season.

Here’s how it works:

Each day, read the Scripture and reflect on the word provided. In the evening, return to the question and respond to where you experienced God’s presence.

The pattern of read, reflect, respond is easy to remember. Remember, the greatest transformation happens inside us when we pause to reflect. Return to the question in the evening to yield the greatest transformation from this experience.

When you sign up, you’ll receive the complete list of readings, focus words, and questions for each day.

Advent Bible Reading Guide


Suggestions for Sharing

Throughout Advent, we hope the simple prompts will help you talk with others about how Jesus is showing up in your life. Better yet, use the prompts with your family over a meal or before bed.

  • Read the daily Scripture.
  • Share the focus word.
  • Ask each person gathered to respond to the daily question.
  • Give God thanks in prayer for the way you are experiencing “God With Us” this Advent.

We’d love to hear how you or your family are experiencing God’s presence this Advent. Share your reflections with us here.