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If you’ve spent any time with me at all, you likely know one of the questions that I will ask at some point. The question is some variation of, “Where have you experienced God’s presence?” 

The simplicity of the question can stun people to silence.

When I first started asking the question, I thought the silence I received was my failure to communicate. Then I learned the truth.

To answer the question, you have to be paying attention to where God is at work in your life. In nearly a decade of asking questions about God’s presence, one thing has become clear: most of us are beginners on this journey.

Before you reply, “I was raised in the church. I’m not a beginner!” Let me explain. Read more

It was lunchtime. Linda had bought a hamburger in a crowded McDonalds, surrounded by strangers. She and her husband had moved to California a month earlier because of his new job and Linda was lonely. Standing alone in McDonalds made her feel more isolated. No one’s eyes met, which reminded her of her own “disconnectedness.” As she stood holding her tray, no one offered to share a table; so she waited for an empty one and finally sat down, brooding silently over her situation.

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